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08/29/15 : Things Needed 

1. Need reliable transportation. Having electrical and ABS issues.

2. Need more 25GB BD-R's (Like Optical Quantum OQBDR04LT-50)

3. Lightscribe DVD-R (Like HP DMLS16050CB)

4. 2 or more reliable 4TB+ Hard Drives that can be RAIDed.

5. 3 or more good USB 3 16GB Flash Drives (For mailing out large pics exceeding a 4.3GB DVD)

6. 2 or more Lexar Professional 1000x 32GB Compact Flash cards (Mine getting wore out)

7. Post card Stamps for domestic mailing.

8. Letter stamps (Forever) for domestic mailings.

9. Gas Gift Cards (Like for Arco, which is cheaper than most)

10. If you want to help fuel my body, gift cards from WinCo

I'm sure I missed a few things...


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